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diamond club

DIAMOND CLUB is an option of renting particularly comfortable business boxes ensuring total privacy.
The DIAMOND package has been prepared for the most demanding football fans willing to experience the sports sensations surrounded by their business partners in their own prestigious conference hall located at an unique venue that the stadium of Legia Warszawa certainly is. The box is available at the renter’s request also on non-match days.

diamond package

The DIAMOND zone consists of forty luxurious, twelve-person business boxes located on the third and fourth floor of the Western Stand, enabling organisation of business meetings in an unparalleled, exquisite interior of an exclusive conference hall in the most prestigious part of the stadium.

The DIAMOND CLUB members and their guests can now enjoy full customisation (company branding) of their own box available on match days as well as when no games are played, offering twelve seats inside the box as well as seating places out on a heated deck, exquisite menu, private and fully discreet waiter’s service, and all comprising a special offer addressing them exclusively.
The DIAMOND season ticket covers all the league matches as well as national and European cup games.

The DIAMOND package covers

- exclusive box with top quality furnishing and an adjacent heated deck with comfortable seats,  
- four parking places,  
- possibility of organising business meetings, conferences and banquets in conference halls and the business club based on preferential conditions,
- box available also on non-match days to serve as an exclusive conference hall,  
- Club representative for dedicated customer service also during games,  
- discreet, dedicated waiter’s service of the box,  
- private buffet table serving exquisite cuisine tailored to your requirements,   
- option of customised furnishing of the box interior,  
- option of placing a company logotype inside and outside the box,  
- separate entrance to the VIP parking area and dedicated parking places,
- permanent discount for shopping at the club’s official store,
- subscription of the Nasza Legia monthly magazine,  
- priority of a season ticket purchase for the next season (during the special offer period)

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